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Minutes to Meeting

December 28, 2015 Salt Springs Alliance, Inc.

  Call to order 6:30pm.

Present board members – Paul and Suzi Herman, Alan Cribb, Ken Anderson, Greg Abbott, and Doug Cassidy

Members and guests – Karen Anderson, Will Holcomb, Susan Young, Christine Dorrier and Michael Faustini

  Minutes from December 15th were accepted as read by Paul Herman, motioned by Alan and 2nd by Ken

 ▪ Treasurer’s report from December 15th were accepted by Greg and Ken 2nd

 ▪ Election of officers – motion made by Doug and 2nd by Alan

            President – Greg Abbott nominated by Alan

            Treasurer – Alan Cribb nominated by Greg

            Secretary – Ken Anderson nominated by Alan

 ▪ Directors for 2016 – 2017, motion made by Alan and 2nd by Ken

            Greg Abbott nominated by Alan

            Karen Anderson nominated by Greg

            Doug Cassidy nominated by Greg

Ken Anderson, Alan Cribb and Pat Brophy will still be directors through 2016

 ▪ Paul will get with Alan about the password for PayPal and mentioned about the account needing to be updated with the current checking account.  Paul and Greg exchanged phone #s for any questions Greg may have.  Christine will get the CSO handbook and a copy of the bylaws to Greg for his reference.

2016 clean ups will be in Spring and Fall.

Susan brought up events coming up with Gil Dawgs and questioned if the CSO will be involved with their events this year.

Christine brought up that there needs to be one meeting in January and then meet monthly or quarterly, however needed.

Suzi will get minutes to Greg to change signers on the checking account.


Adjourn at 7:00 motion made by Alan and 2nd by Ken


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