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May 8, 2010

With the recent possible threat of an "oil-spilled " coastline, participants in the Salt Springs Classic Kayak Race and Fun Paddle were particularly appreciative of the beautiful weather and scenery on race day, May 8th.  The fourth annual race was held in conjunction with the Cotee River Seafood Fest in New Port Richey. 
Beginning at 10AM in Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park in Port Richey, paddlers set out on the 6 mile course which took them around the coastline and into the Cotee river, ending at the Sim's Park Boat Launch.  First to complete the course was local racer Brent Postma with a time of 48:38.  Awards were given for first, second and third place in 3 categories: over 15 feet, 15 feet and under, and tandem. Complete results and pictures are included below.

Race Results ...

Category Participant Time
Over 15 feet    
First Brent Postma 48:38
Second James Akker 1:01:31
Third Lisa Fitch 1:07:14
15 feet and under    
First Jesse White 1:02:44
Second Lenny Koch 1:04:52
Third Tom Summers 1:08:16
First Nick Makris & Corey Denninger 57:16
Second Mike & Launa Moran 58:51
Third Ken & Shaun Walker 1:07:05
Other Results    
  Lance Watkins 1:09:07
  Mark Travis 1:12:23
  Sherry Stamback 1:12:55
  Janet Gore 1:25:38
  Charles Gore 1:25:38
  Dot Brewer 1:27:59
  Toby Brewer 1:28:02
  Lance Parris 1:28:14
  Ryan Parris 1:28:23

7 photo(s) Updated on: 07 Mar 2014
  • SSA Paddle makers Joyce Monahan and Sharon Holding.
  • SSA member Greg Abbott captained the safety boat for the race.
  • And they're off...
  • Mark Hardies places numbers on kayaks.
  • Park Manager Larry Steed with former Park manager Toby Brewer and SSA President Burt Golub.
  • Instructions and race course directions are given at the Captain's Meeting prior to the race.
  • Winners take the stage at Sim's Park for the paddle awards.
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