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May 17, 2014

This is always one of our more popular paddle trips ... so it was no surprise to have 25 boats in the water - a mix of single and tandem kayaks, and some stand-up paddleboards. We had an outgoing tide, so left a bit earlier than usual for a sunset paddle. The wind was at our backs going out to the island, so it was a relaxing trip. Once on Durney Key, we broke out the refreshments, visited with friends, and explored the island - which was already occupied by a number of other groups that were camping and sightseeing. After about an hour and a half on the island, we headed back to the park a half hour before sunset to try and get back before the tide completely ran out. We had a beautiful sunset on a crystal clear evening when we were about half way back. The view was great ... watching the sun dip below the horizon with Durney Key and the stilt houses in the background.
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