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July 14, 2012

We had a good size group for this paddle from CSO headquarters into Double Hammock Creek - 20 boats in the water. Leaving our launch point we paddled north through the "chute" into the lake on the southern branch of Double Hammock Creek. From there we battled the current into the main portion of the creek and followed the Westport channel toward the Gulf. After a short trip into one of the tidal lakes feeding Double Hammock Creek, we paddled out the mouth of the creek into the open Gulf. From there it was south to Salt Spring Run - then we fought a stiff headwind to return to our launch point. The entire paddle took just under two hours - and everyone had a good bit of exercise and a good time.
8 photo(s) Updated on: 07 Mar 2014
  • Entering the main portion of Double Hammock Creek.
  • These guys make it look easy!
  • Emerging from the "chute".
  • Launching the boats.
  • Our launch area at CSO headquarters.
  • Paddling toward the Gulf.
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