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May 1, 2007

Unfortunately, by the time this website was constructed, most of the details of the 1st Annual Salt Spring Classic raise were no longer available. So we have no winner's names or race times to post.

This first race, held in conjunction with the Cotee River Seafood Festival, began at the Salt Springs Alliance headquarters in Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park and finished at Sim's Park in New Port Richey. This same course was used until the 2014 race when it was modified to end at Gill Dawg Marina on the east side of Miller's Bayou.

For the first year, the "Fun Paddle" event began and ended at Sim's Park in New Port Richey, and was a two mile course. In subsequent years, the "Fun Paddlers" used the same course as the racers - until in 2014 the "Fun Paddle" course was shortened again to 3-1/4 miles.

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