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October 20, 2012

We couldn't have asked for a nicer Saturday morning for our paddle to Hope Bayou. Unfortunately, the trip planner made a huge mistake when figuring out the tides - and they were definitely not in our favor. Although it was advertised as an "advanced paddle", many who joined us got more than they planned for - our expected 6 mile paddle trip turned out to be a 5-1/2 mile paddle, plus a 1/2 mile hike across the sand bar at the mouth of the creek leading to Hope Bayou - both coming and going. No one, however, will deny that we had a great adventure! And all survived to see another day.
6 photo(s) Updated on: 07 Mar 2014
  • Kayaks at the Hope Bayou shelter. Yep, this is nicer when the tide is in.
  • Salt Springs Alliance president, Doug Cassidy (at right) gives a quick recap of our efforts to build this remote campsite shelter.
  • Arriving at Hope Bayou.
  • Pulling the kayaks across the sand flats at the entrance to Hope Bayou. This was so much fun, we also did it on the way out.
  • Debarking on our trip from Salt Spring Run.
  • We are the first visitors to our new Hope Bayou shelter.
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