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November 16, 2013

The inaugural launch of what we hope will be an annual event for Salt Springs Alliance and Paddling Pasco - who partnered to organize this fishing tournament for paddle craft. Saturday was an overcast day with a light rain. But that did not deter 6 people from participating.

Category Participant Size
First Michael Davis 15 inches
First Michael Davis 21.5 inches
None caught    
Ladyfish Matt Mondelli 23 inches
27 photo(s) Updated on: 07 Mar 2014
  • Pasco Skinny Water Fishing Tournament contestants - Rick Buckman, Doug, Michael Davis, Matt Mondelli, Xavier Gonzalez and Eric Mondelli.
  • Michael Davis received a check for winning the biggest Redfish class (21.5") and the biggest Snook class (15").
  • Matt Mondelli receives check for winning the biggest "other" class - a 23" Ladyfish.
  • Thanks to Bruce Pearson - a major sponsor of the event.
  • Xavier Gonzalez wins the WaWa basket raffle.
  • Kayaks, kayaks, kayaks.
  • Welcome back!.
  • Chatting after the tournament.
  • Returning in the rain.
  • Salt Springs Alliance president Doug Cassidy (on the right).
  • Coffee and donuts ... while waiting for the first catch.
  • Good luck and good fishing!
  • Yep, canoes work too.
  • Rick Buckman getting started.
  • Eric Mondelli and Rick Buckman launching a kayak.
  • First fish caught - by Michael Davis.
  • Eric Mondelli, Burt Golub and Doug Cassidy.
  • Steve Hunter and crew working at the CSO headquarters.
  • Winning Snook by Michael Davis.
  • Getting everything ready at the CSO headquarters.
  • Ladyfish by Michael Davis.
  • Winning Redfish by Michael Davis.
  • Sheepshead by Matt Mondelli.
  • Winning "other" class - Ladyfish by Matt Mondelli.
  • Needlenose by Xavier Gonzalez.
  • Welcome to Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park for the Pasco Skinny Water Fishing Tournament.
  • Thank you Area Printing for printing our banners and signs.
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