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May 9, 2009

On Saturday, May 9, twenty-six kayaks set out on the third annual Salt Springs Classic Kayak Race and Fun Paddle.  The 5+ mile race began at Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park at Old Post Road and ended at Sims Park, New Port Richey at the site of the Cotee River Seafood Festival.   The weather was beautiful, the water was calm and the competition was tough.  First to cross the finish line was Brent Postma with a time of 47 minutes and 34 seconds, 6 minutes and 16 seconds better than his 2008 winning time.  Steve Lasorsa, Mark Buga and Ed Lawlor, all under a one-hour time, followed him.  

New to the race was a category for tandem kayaks.  Coming in first in this new division were Mike and Luana Moran with a time of 53 minutes, 24 seconds.  Closely behind were Corey Denninger and Nick Makris, only 2 seconds back.  Third place went to Ken and Shaun Walker.   Fourth place went to the mother and son team of Felicia and Peyton Webb.  This race event participation was Peyton’s Mother’s Day gift to his mom.  Great idea!

The fun paddle allowed all who kayaked a chance to enjoy some fun time on the water.  Not only people participated.  Wyatt Brewer even paddled with his 2 pooches, as they relaxed under their doggie canopy.   Bringing in the rear of the group were Robert Bacon, Louise Layton and Sylvia Wilson who were not the least concerned to be last.  After all, they signed up for a “fun” paddle and that’s exactly what they had.

Race Results ...

Category Participant Time
Over 15 feet    
First Brent Postma 47:34
Second Steve Lasorsa 55:38
Third Ed Lawlor 58:22
15 feet and under    
First Mark Buga 55:42
Second Lance Watkins 58:45
Third Mark Travis 106:44
First Mike & Luana Moran 53:24
Second Corey Denninger & Nick Makris 53:26
Third Ken & Shaun Walker 106:26
Other Results    
  Carol Seltman 109:27
  Sherry Stamback 120:08
  Tom Flaherty 122:04
  Felicia & Peyton Webb 123:09
  Wyatt Brewer 123:37
  Dot Brewer 123:39
  Sharon Mead 129:14
  Janet Gore 135:36
  Dave Bennett 136:37
  Judy Bennett 136:44
  B. & Wells Stuchell 139:00
  Robert Bacon 148:45
  Louise Layton 149:16
  Sylvia Wilson 149:41
32 photo(s) Updated on: 07 Mar 2014
  • The winners
  • The awards crew ready to present the winning paddles.
  • Follow up safety boat with Toby Brewer and crew.
  • Robert Bacon, Louise Layton and Sylvia Wilson.
  • Lead safety boat with Marcia and Jack LaManna.
  • Barbara Stuchell and Darlene Well paddle tandem.
  • Nearing the finish.
  • On the Cotee River.
  • Wyatt Brewer and pooches.
  • Tom Flaherty.
  • Sherry Stamback.
  • Ken and Shaun Walker on the Cotee River.
  • Lance Watkins in #23.
  • Carol Seltman having fun.
  • Mother and son team Felicia and Peyton Webb.
  • Dot and Wyatt Brewer.
  • Ed Lawlor in the Cotee River.
  • Mark Buga paddling fast.
  • Corey Denninger and Nick Makris paddle tandem.
  • Steve Lasorsa in kayak #4.
  • Kayaks entering the Gulf.
  • Awaiting the starting gun.
  • Kayaks ready to launch.
  • Park Manager, Toby Brewer, outlining the rules and regulations at the captain's meeting.
  • Registration for the race.
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