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July 19, 2014

All together, 14 early birds showed up before dawn for what turned out to be a beautiful paddle. We were in the water just after 6:00 am, and paddled out to the mouth of Salt Spring Run just in time to turn around and watch a nice sunrise with a bright pink sky. Continuing up the coast, we paddled through open Gulf water to the creek that has its source at Hope Bayou. Plenty of water today - in fact, we even say a motorboat with fishermen near the bayou.

We disembarked at the always-muddy launch site at the Hope Bayou shelter and spent a few minutes hearing from Doug Cassidy about development of the site, and other park news. The deer flies were ferocious, as they often are this time of the year. But as long as you stay out on the water, they don't usually bother you.

After leaving Hope Bayou, we did a tour of Pound Net Creek, the next stream to the south. Our paddle took us all the way to the tidal lake at the source of Pound Net Creek. Then it was time to head for home, paddling south and retracing our route.A thoroughly good time for all.

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