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June 4, 2011

A large group of 27 kayaks launched at 7:00PM on a beautiful calm evening at the Park. All participants were given complimentary whistles as a souvenir. The tide was fairly low, which made it challenging to find a good path out of Salt Spring Run and out to Durney Key. One boater had a problem running aground on the oysters, but was freed with help from other kayakers and Park Manager, Larry Steed, on the air boat. Also adding to the excitement was the passing of the Sun Cruz Casino shuttle throwing a sizable wake - but he was nice enough to slow down for us since we had such a large group.

On arrival at Durney Key, we beached the kayaks, socialized, and explored the island. Light refreshments were served by a few thoughtful members who brought enough to share. After witnessing a beautiful sunset, we all debarked for a pleasant and fun return trip.

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