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August 16, 2013

Launching under overcast skies, we had a total of 14 boats in the water - less than the 23 or so we expected. Paddling out to Durney Key, the water was almost at a dead still, with slight ripples reflecting the light. It's a lot of fun to paddle when the wind and water is this calm. Just as we were arriving at the island, blue sky began peeking out from behind the clouds. And then the sun made a nice showing just in time for sunset.

Most of us pulled up on the east side of the island this time ... and as luck would have it, the SunCruz Casino boat appeared from the mouth of the river and was heading out the ship channel. As it went by and forced large breakers onto the beach, many of us scrambled to retrieve our kayaks that were now bobbing around in the waves. After that, we all enjoyed refreshments that some of our paddlers brought to share. We watched the sunset, the sunlight reflecting off the condos on shore, and some were lucky enough to see a group of manatees playing in the water.

Our return trip began just as the sun set into the western Gulf of Mexico. The water was still calm, and we had the tide and wind to our backs, making for a quick trip back to our launch site.
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