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May 12, 2012

The sixth annual race was held on a sunny Saturday morning, with an outgoing tide and brisk easterly wind. Jacob Postma was the first to complete the course, followed one second later by his uncle Brent Postma - last years winner. Awards were given for first, second and third place in singles over 15 feet, and under 15 feet. There was only one tandem entry. Complete results and pictures are included below.

Race Results ...

Category Participant Time
Over 15 feet    
First Jacob Postma 51:52
Second Brent Postma 51:53
Third Steve Hunter 58:26
15 feet and under    
First Lance Watkins 1:04:27
Second Lenny Koch 1:09:07
Third David Hopkins 1:09:36
Fourth Mark Beckel 1:15:47
Fifth Craig Bouffard 1:16:52
First Shaun & Ken Walker 1:09:40
Fun Paddle    
15 feet and under James Bishop 1:14:51
15 feet and under Kayla Bishop 1:14:57
15 feet and under Jan Mallett 1:39:50
15 feet and under Kay Coe 1:44:54
15 feet and under Lee Kulikanska 1:44:57
15 feet and under Dean Livermore 1:46:24
15 feet and under Kathy Livermore 1:46.27
15 feet and under Lee Kulikanska 1:49:05
15 feet and under James McCoy 1:50:25
15 feet and under Scott Short 1:53:12
15 feet and under Gary Miller 2:17:18

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A close race to the finish.
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